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Hutchins Engineering is a civil and mechanical engineering firm serving public- and private-sector clients in the greater Adirondack and Capital Regions of New York State.  Since our establishment in 2000, we have developed a reputation for continually dedicating our efforts to bettering our relationships with our clients and our community.

We fully invest ourselves in our clients' projects and place a strong emphasis on meeting the diverse needs of our clients with practical, functional, environmentally-responsible, and cost-effective designs and solutions.  Our primary goal is to deliver results that complement the client's vision as well as enhance the surrounding area.

We offer a comprehensive selection of civil and mechanical engineering services for industrial, commercial, municipal, and individual clients.  Our most recent projects have involved the following services:

Civil Engineering:

Mechanical Engineering:


October 2018 Meetings

Town of Lake George Planning Board

10/9/18 - Agenda

Town of Chester Town Board 

10/9/18 - Agenda

City of Glens Falls Zoning Board of Appeals

10/15/18 - Agenda

Town of Chester Planning Board

10/15/18 - Agenda

Town of Bolton - Zoning Board of Appeals

10/16/18 - Agenda

Town of Queensbury Planning Board

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October Events

10/16/2018   6:00pm (T) Bolton ZBA Meeting
10/16/2018   7:00pm (T) Queensbury PB Meeting
10/17/2018   7:00pm (T) Queensbury ZBA Meeting
10/18/2018   6:00pm (T) Bolton PB Meeting
10/18/2018   7:00pm (T) Horicon TB Meeting
10/22/2018   8:00am (T) Bolton Submission Deadline
10/22/2018   7:00pm (T) Fort Ann PB Meeting
10/23/2018   7:00pm (T) Queensbury PB Meeting
10/24/2018   7:00pm (T) Queensbury ZBA Meeting
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