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Hutchins Engineering is a consulting engineering firm serving public- and private-sector clients in the greater Adirondack and Capital Regions of New York State.  Since our establishment in 2000, we have developed a reputation for continually dedicating our efforts to bettering our relationships with our clients and our community.

We fully invest ourselves in our clients' projects and place a strong emphasis on meeting the diverse needs of our clients with practical, functional, environmentally-responsible, and cost-effective designs and solutions.  Our primary goal is to deliver results that complement the client's vision as well as enhance the surrounding area.

We offer a comprehensive selection of civil engineering services for industrial, commercial, municipal, and individual clients.   

Civil Engineering:

Want to learn more about your septic system and how to maintain it? Here is the New York State Department of Health Septic System Operation and Maintenance pamphlet we often share with our customers.


September 2019 Meetings

City of Glens Falls

9/3/19 - Planning Board Agenda

9/16/19 - Zoning Board of Appeals

Town of Lake George 

9/4/19 - Zoning Board of Appeals Agenda

9/10/19 - Planning Board Agenda

Town of Queensbury

9/17/19 - Planning Board Agenda

9/18/19 - Zoning Board of Appeals Agenda

9/24/19 - Planning Board Agenda

9/25/19 - Planning Board Ag... read more

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September Events

9/17/2019   6:00pm (T) Bolton ZBA Meeting
9/17/2019   7:00pm (T) Queensbury PB Meeting
9/18/2019   7:00pm (T) Queensbury ZBA Meeting
9/19/2019   6:00pm (T) Bolton PB Meeting
9/19/2019   7:00pm (T) Horicon TB Meeting
9/23/2019   8:00am (T) Bolton Submission Deadline
9/23/2019   7:00pm (T) Fort Ann PB Meeting
9/24/2019   7:00pm (T) Queensbury PB Meeting
9/25/2019   7:00pm (T) Queensbury ZBA Meeting
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